I taught the lab component of the University of Regina’s Math 102, Mathematical Modelling and Precalculus. This was also the first course I took at U of R, and I was very proud of the positive feedback I received from students in the class who, like me, were coming from a background of previous lack of success in and intimidation by mathematics.

My notes for those labs are included here; the early ones are mostly solving some simple problems, and the later ones involve more explanatory material that I added to the document after the class to record what I covered during the session.

January 20: Some algebra and geometry examples.
January 27: How to think about absolute value, solving inequalities
February 10: Linear models
February 17: Quadratic equations
March 3: What is a “function”?
March 17: Exponential growth and logarithms, ft. my bunny Ada
March 24: Solved examples with exponential growth
March 31: Why Radians?
April 7: Solved examples with trigonometric functions