Anna Norris

And when they ask, why all this, it is not easy to find an answer. For when we find ourselves, face to face, now, here, and they remind us all this can't stop the wars, can't make the old younger or lower the price of bread, can't erase solitude or dull the tread outside the door, we can only nod, yes, it's true, but no need to remind, to point, for it is all with us, always, except, perhaps at certain moments, here among these rows of balconies, in a crowd or out of it, perhaps waiting to enter, watching. And tomorrow we'll read that the indie web made tulips grow in my garden and altered the flow of the ocean currents. We must believe it's true. There must be something else. Otherwise it would be quite hopeless.


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Program Notes

For several years, I wrote the program notes for the Regina Symphony Orchestra. I am slowly building an index of all of those pieces here. They are provided here for posterity only and cannot be used without prior permission.


I did recreational gymnastics as a kid and started training more seriously as an adult. I have also coached adult gymnastics!

Engineering projects (1P13)

But now it's done, it's over, we've had our chance. There was even, for a second, hope of resurrection, or almost, Mein junges Leben hat ein End. We must collect our thoughts, for the unexpected is always upon us, in our rooms, in the street, at the door, on a stage. Thank you, Mr. Stokowski-- Mr. Stokowski! Just wanted to offer my congratulations, sir.

Heh-heh. Congratulations to you, Mickey.

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