Site Redesign

This website looks different! This is because I have ditched wordpress and migrated to a static site built with hugo. There are things about the site that work better and things that work worse, but at least the things that work worse work worse because I don’t yet know how to make them work the way I want them to, not because I’m using the software equivalent of an ox to push around a baseball for fun and can’t be bothered to control it.

I have to say, beyond the setup overhead (WHICH IS PRETTY LARGE WITH WORDPRESS TOO), the workflow for updating a hugo-generated site is… awesome. When I want to make a new post, or add something to one of the other categories of content, I just put a new markdown file in the correct folder on my computer. When I’m ready to update the site on the actual internet, I type “hugo” one time, then ./ which is a single line rsync which puts the folder containting the HTML website that hugo generates on the computer, into the folder on the server which displays it to you.

Compared to logging into wordpress, dealing with all of the Super Critical Security Updates You Better Do Or Else You Die, making a new post with “blocks”(??????), etc, this is SUCH a great way to run a website. And the whole this is automatically backed up, of course, since the definitive copy of it lives on your local computer anyway.

I started with the internet-weblog theme, though I’ve altered it to fit the content here (for instance, having post types where date posted isn’t a relevent sorting parameter, and using the “microblog” content type, where the entire post is shown by default, as the regular post type.)